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The Five Golden Rules of Rowing Machine Exercise

Rowing machine exercise is an easy way to get in shape, to train your entire body, to lose weight and gain muscle and leave your body feeling great. Proper rowing machine exercise is easy to master and is relatively injury-risk free. However, performing rowing machine exercise incorrectly can leave you susceptible to a variety of injuries including undue stresses and strains of your lower back muscles. Here are some do's and don'ts for rowing machine exercise to ensure you not only get the maximum benefits of the workout but keep yourself healthy and injury free.

1. Do properly adjust the rowing machine

Before beginning your rowing machine exercise you should properly adjust all of the settings to ensure comfort, good form and being secured in the machine. These include foot straps to keep your feet and body in place and any other seat adjustments that may be available to make you more comfortable and fully extended.

2. Don't lean too far back

While performing rowing machine exercise your back should maintain a natural position and stay relatively straight. Leaning too far back can stress your lower and middle back muscles and leave you performing the exercise incorrectly and inefficiently.

3. Don't lean too far forward

The opposite is also an incorrect way of going through your rowing machine exercise. Leaning too far forward could be caused by not adjusting the seats properly and leaving you reaching too far, or as leaning too far back, can be caused from being tired or simply unaware of proper rowing machine exercise form. Keep your head looking forward and keep your back in a natural, upright position to minimize injuries.

4. Do use the full range of motion

This means incorporating all of the needed muscle groups (legs, back, core and arms) and completing the exercise from beginning to end. A beginner could rely too much on solely their arms, merely pulling the handle to their body. You actually want to push off with your legs, while pulling the handle back with your arms, using your back for power and your core for stability.

5. Do keep your arms straight and palms down

The proper grip for rowing machine exercise is with your palms facing down, or depending on the machine, your palms facing each other. Your arms should also stay in a straight line of motion. Pulling up with your arms, down, or curving them in any way can put unnecessary stresses on your back muscles and make you lose proper form.

Following these 5 simple do's and don'ts will ensure that your rowing machine exercise sessions are completed effectively, efficiently and safely.


Some Things To Consider When Looking At Exercise Bikes

There are three major classes of exercise bike: Recumbent, semi recumbent, and upright. Decide which one of these three types you prefer, and then find out what you can about that type of exercise bike so that you can become an educated consumer.

Talk to friends and family members who have purchased exercise bikes, or who have used them at the local gym, and even talk to professionals in the fitness industry if you have any at your disposal. Check out the Internet and fitness magazines that talk about exercise books and see how the various models are rated.

Those who have come before know the way, and it is always a good idea to see what they have to say about something that you're looking to purchase. It's worth your while to take the time to look into this carefully, since you don't want to end up with a bike that you don't enjoy riding, especially if you find out a few weeks later that there was a better option available to you if you had just taken the time to research properly before making a purchase. Remember that this is an investment that will affect your life for a long time.

You need a comfortable bike. Make sure that the seat is at the right height or that you know how to adjust it. Look for the best deals and special offers that may be available only in certain places like online.
Reading a magazine or looking online for information serves several purposes at once. You can find out information about what kinds of exercise bike are available for sale, and good advice about the best way to figure out which type of bike is for you.
There are many experts who are paid by exercise bike companies and also by independent consumer agencies to write reviews of the more popular models, and these reviews can help you to choose the right bike for your purposes.

Another great benefit of reading magazines or searching online is that you can find the best deals, coupons and leads about sales. People who are trying to get rid of excess inventory will often reduce price significantly and advertise the sale in places where they expect to attract people that are looking for exercise bikes. They are going to post their sales right there in the magazines and online. Search for information about exercise bikes and it's very likely that you'll end up finding out about ways to get one at a reduced price. So never underestimate the value of research.

The difference between full price and a reduced price can be great, and you'll love the way it feels to get a deal when you know that you're buying the bike that's right for you. When a consumer does his research he can be confident in his purchase, because he knows that he is doing the right thing when he hands over that money.


How I Stay Motivated To Run Every Day

When people find out that I have not missed a day of running in over 25 years, the next question they ask is "How do you get out there everyday?".

I guess that now I have been out there everyday for so long that I really don't think about it. So, I did sit down and think about what keeps me out there on the roads.

The first thing would have to be how running makes me feel. No matter how short or how long I run, I know that I will feel incredible when I get back in. Some mornings, it's hard to get that first foot out the door - but I know that once I'm out there, it will be great.

Another thing that goes along with how running makes me feel is the energy that I have all day long. Getting out there first thing in the morning gives me super energy all day long.

I like to eat - and that makes me head out everyday! I know that I should eat better, but I like to eat. My motto is usually "Life is short, eat what you want". Of course, I mean that within moderation, but if I want to eat pizza for lunch - I will. So, running everyday gives me the excuse to keep on eating!

Having a running schedule keeps me on the roads everyday. In January, I will plan the road races that I want to run that year and will plan a schedule accordingly. Knowing that I have that race coming up makes me put in the miles.

Along with a schedule is keeping a running journal. Write down the miles you run everyday. I also log the weather, anything that I saw along the way and other little tidbits.

Buying new running clothes sounds silly - but it works. I love to get new pretty running shorts and tops. So, then I want to get out there and run in them.

And, then, of course, there's the streak itself. I refuse to break the streak! And, that may be the main motivation. On the days that I may be sick (which truly isn't very often), knowing that I have the streak gets me out the door. But, I also believe that my running streak has kept me healthy!

Now, I'm not saying that everyone has it in them to be a streaker - but it does keep you motivated!

I love the fact that I'm able to get out there every day. I love the fact that my husband is proud that I'm a runner.

What gets you out the door?


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